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February 3rd, 2017, 12:07 pm
In case it's unclear, he's looking at his phone.
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Ultima527 February 3rd, 2017, 12:41 pm
Hello, I just posted this because I've left this profile alone for a long time and I really felt like posting something.
Here's some elaboration on the status of the comic with almost no new actual information, in case anyone wants it:

Here's the concrete stuff in a nutshell: As of this comment, I've made 14 pages. My plan is to update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I don't want to start updating unless I'm completely, 100% sure I can keep updating according to schedule; meaning, I don't want to disappear for months at a time like I did with Chilly's Dreamland (my last comic). The plan is to update three times a week; this may work because it accounts for the unpredictability of life, such as my frustratingly "flexible" work schedule. I can make a page in a day, but it takes a while and I won't always feel up to it. While I'll try to make as many pages as possible, having to make a minimum of three pages a week will take off a lot of pressure. Furthermore, this is only taking into account my current situation: I may eventually go back to school and have no time for this at all.
I started this comic for practice. I have overarching plots in mind, but in this beginning stage, the chapters will be more stand-alone, albeit with character development.

This comic will basically be a combination of Chilly's Dreamland and Practice Class. It will incorporate the surrealism, timing, and...talking slugs, I guess...of Practice Class, and combine it with the plot, characters, and basic, coherent dialogue of Chilly's Dreamland...or anything else, for that matter. The most notable factor here is that I'm drawing it. I got a tablet, but by the time I did, I actually developed a steadier hand at using my laptop's touch pad. I may still experiment with the tablet though; only time will tell. The point is, I'm breaking away from spriting and trying to get into drawing. My skills are kind of raw, though, and I should warn you that the cover page is as good as it gets.
I'll be brutally honest: I'm really done with sprite comics. They're really tedious. I'd rather make comics that look terrible than keep spriting (insert generic insult to sprite comics). I mean, I like MAKING sprites, but not sprite comics. I just don't want to anymore. If you like making sprite comics, good for you. We should all do what we want, and I want to make bad, free-hand, ms paint comics.

I don't exactly know how to explain what the comic's about, either, besides what's in the description. It's a surreal satire of community college, and most of the characters are talking's about a slug being bad at talking to people. That's actually what...most of the about...
And it has a script, which is good, because I really, REALLY feel that CD suffered from it's improvised dialogue...and action...and plot...

Anyway, this is mostly just stuff I didn't have room for on the description. When the comic actually starts updating, I'll write a much more concise description that doesn't rant about how bad the comic is. I know nobody's really reading this comment, but I wanted to leave it here for anyone who happened to be curious about what's going on. And because I like posting pages, even when I don't have them. I was tempted to post some of the doodles I did of the characters earlier on, but I don't think anyone's really gonna want to see that unless the comic gets popular or whatever.

So if you read this comment, thanks for reading! The comic will hopefully start to update once I've made more pages, and gotten a better feel for how often I'll be able to work on it. And if you didn't read this comment...then you won't know...what I'm saying to you...because you didn't read it...

EDIT: One last thing, I will do my best not to update again unless I'm actually updating. Sorry for the false alarm!
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locoroco1 February 4th, 2017, 12:04 am
It's so funny, I went back onto my Smackjeeves account to see what had happened to all of the old comics I used to read and it was coincidentally the same day you poked this comic. I remember reading "Chilly's Dreamland" as a kid... I'm glad to see you're still going.
Ultima527 February 4th, 2017, 4:29 pm
@locoroco1: Lol, I didn't even expect anyone to be able to find this, what with the new site design and all. (I mean, it's good, but we're all still getting used to it). Also because a bunch of other comics pushed it off "Fresh Picks" almost as soon as it updated.
Glad to see I still have potential readers! (No pressure, though. You can be honest if it ends up disappointing).